Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.  

Saksham is a project initiated in 2016, that strives to bring joy to the visually impaired community.

We don’t want them to depend on us. We don’t want them to need our support. We aspire to help them be independent. We aspire to help them be self-sufficient. We want them to walk with their head held high.  

The Secret of Innovation



The first step is to talk to those that you are trying to help. Form a bond, and try to walk in their shoes. 


Based on what you learnt by talking to them, define the problems they face they face, according to them


Now that the problem is clear, you can focus on designing a solution. Brainstorm and be creative.


Let your ideas come to life, as you develop the first model of your design. Let your solutions to the problems face the test.

Our Partners

Here’s what our partner organizations say:

The walking stick and shoes designed by Saksham, are used regularly by our members. We appreciate their concern and thank them for their help. Their efforts of renovating our building and technology are also very much appreciated.

Bharat Blind Technical Welfare Society

Saksham has helped the students of our school a lot. They renovated our science lab, and designed audio books and useful educational tools. The extra-curricular classes that they conducted were very entertaining and informative for the students.

Captain Chandan Lal Middle School  for Blind

The girls greatly enjoyed the various workshops conducted by Saksham, and we found them to be a very interesting and creative way of teaching our students. We would like to thank Saksham for taking the time and effort to give these lessons to our girls.

Dream Girl Foundation 

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Saksham: Enabling the Society constantly works on various initiatives to broaden the horizons of the people at our partner organizations. From designing and developing completely new technology to just having a day full of fun, we help them in whatever way we can. In the spirit […]
With our partners, we strive to improve the lives of many. Of course, for such an endeavour, we require funds and your complete support...
The visually impaired community struggles every day with their loss of sight. However, this disability doesn’t make them any less human. It doesn’t make them worth any less than a sighted individual. It doesn’t make them any less capable. Yet, they are faced with challenges such […]

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