Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.  

So, who are we to say that everyone doesn’t deserve the opportunity of knowledge? This opportunity must be available to everyone!

Our Solution

We have come up with 3-Dimensional tiles (using 3-D printing technology) which allow the student to realize the concepts of shape and structure, that we learn through pictures. 

Such models enable blind people to experience the world through tactile sensations.  

To further understand the importance of such tools, imagine a lion.

A sighted student can easily do so, as they know what it looks like. They have seen pictures of it, or perhaps even a real one.

However, their visually impaired peers cannot say the same.

Our tiles have a protruded part, that can easily be felt upon touch. They can sense the figure, and structure of the line. They can feel the mane, the legs, and the tail. It will allow the student to finally sense the world, and gain a better understanding of it. 

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