The Saksham team has strived to improve the quality of life for the visually impaired community, in all essential aspects of their life. After working on transportation and education, we were brought to their living quarters, the space they spend most of their time in. 

In this endeavor, we repainted multiple rooms, financed renovation, and even installed safety features.

Before Renovation
After Renovation

This serves an educational purpose as well, as we have updated IT facilities, installing new PC’s and updating audio services. 

 The team has also upgraded the Science lab and designed 3D Printed and fully functional science equipment, that has been remodelled to be blind friendly.

These include a model solar system, a working windmill model, a circuit board designed with high platforms to be touch-friendly, and multiple diagrammatic models. These are supported with audio aid giving information on all parts of the device, which is connected to the device based on a touch sensor.

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