Saksham: Enabling the Society, is an initiative that was taken up by students five years ago, in 2016. Each year, the team is different, the ideas are different, and so is the technology. Our goal, nevertheless, remains the same, and we yearn to make a difference in the world. We have undertaken three organizations, namely ‘The Bharat Blind Technical Welfare Society’, ‘Captain Chandan Lal Middle School for Blind’, and ‘The Dream Foundation’. With our partners, we strive to improve the lives of many. Of course, for such an endeavour, we require funds and your complete support.

Our first fundraiser was in 2018, a mocktail sale for the students during the lunch break. It was the peak of summer and we thought everyone could use a cool drink to “Beat the Heat”, which became the name of the event. We came up with a fun menu, advertising blue lagoon, black currant, and tangy orange, with a side of nachos. Our team spent days organizing and advertising everything. When the day of the sale finally came, we were beyond excited, yet nervous too. It was quite the bonding experience, spending all morning making delicious drinks. As we finished setting up the stall, the bell rang, indicating the beginning of lunch break. We rushed to our stations, looking for our customers, just wishing to attain our goal, hoping to help as many as possible.

It was a huge success.

Ten minutes into the sale, we were swarmed, with people climbing over each other to get to the stall. Never had we expected such excitement. We were extremely stressed, trying to manage everyone’s orders, but we were also ridiculously thrilled.

Twenty minutes into the sale, our stock was almost over. Blue Lagoon was in highest demand, and we had to send people to make more in the middle, despite having started with 4 litres. Black Currant and Tangy Orange seemed to be less popular, and we a quite a job convincing people to get those instead of Blue Lagoon, which had run out a second time.

Thirty minutes into the sale, the lunch break was almost over, and yet the crowd remained as was. When the bell rang and they showed no signs of departing, we had to disperse them with a promise of conducting the fundraiser again.

Forty minutes into the sale, all students were back in their classes, just us left at the stall. We opened the money box and started counting. Our eyes widened as we kept counting. More than ₹12,000. More than double our expected earnings.

It was a huge success.


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