Companion Stick

One of the most crucial issues faced by the visually impaired community is
everyday transport

The community currently uses walking sticks to guide themselves.
Our solution is an upgraded version of same.

We have connected ultra-sonic sensors to the cane. Such sensors work on the basis of emitting inaudibly high wave frequencies, that are reflected back to the sensors from the nearest surface. The time taken for the reflection is used to determine the distance.In case of close proximity, the device beeps, indicating the user to take caution. Along with this, We have coded the device to beep different number of time to indicate the direction of the obstacle.

The sensor shoe

We can’t stand leaving things once we’ve started. So, we tried to move further by eliminating sticks entirely. If we use sensors, why not put it on the shoe itself?

We are trying to provide utmost comfort and have ensured that the device is extremely light-weight, water-proof and connected to a bluetooth earphone.