Saksham: Enabling the Society constantly works on various initiatives to broaden the horizons of the people at our partner organizations. From designing and developing completely new technology to just having a day full of fun, we help them in whatever way we can.

In the spirit of fun, we conducted Dance and Music workshop sessions with the students at Captain Chandan Lal Special Middle School for Blind. Members of our team guided them and taught them a dance on the Bollywood song, “Itni Si Hasi”. The students then went on to perform our choreography on their Annual Day.

Here is what the members of our team had to say about their experience while working with the students.

The whole experience was completely out of this world. The students of Captain Chandanlal
made them feel at home and warmly welcomed despite being talented and suave with their
work they made it fun for us.

Sana Babu and Ananya Sharma

According to Sana after the initial jitters and nervousness, she discovered how incredibly intelligent and hardworking the children were. There was also an ice-breaking session where they talked
about their lifestyles, studies, dreams and hobbies, apart from that they also shared their love
for dancing and singing. To sum it all in a few words meeting and interacting with kids makes
you realise the value of little things in life, learning new things from them and also how to be
happy and grateful.

The workshop was held over a span of 2 days and the experiences stated says it . Saksham as
a team not only helps kids beyond their physical incapacity and uplift them emotionally, hence
making them capable and independent to face life and its challenges.


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